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a short distance from the hotel we have many services available on request of the customer, spa services for gentle relaxation, booking theater, demand for cars and not only. Our reception will show you the best.

If my arrival is planned for the evening very late. Is that a problem?
Absolutely not! In Reception will always be someone to welcome you 24 hours 24.
I made the reservation and gave all the details of my credit card. Withdraw the entire amount in advance?
No! The data of the credit card used only to guarantee the reservation. Are specified in the confirmation of the cancellation. And only if you fail to comply with the terms of cancellation will be taken from your credit card the amount of the first night. Prior to arrival, the hotel will still requiring prior authorization for the first night that will expire in a few weeks automatically. The customer is thus free to either pay by card or cash at the check-out.

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If my arrival is early in the morning or at least before the check-in can leave luggage?
The check-in is at 12:30 to 13:00. If you arrive earlier than the check-in you can leave your luggage in the plane of Reception.
Ask for the Specialized guides
Our hotel offers a convention of many guides that will help you discover the most beautiful places in and around Trieste.
Attractions and Sights in Trieste
Explore Trieste, its History, Poetry, Art, Cooking, the mystery of an extraordinary city in balance between sea and mountain.
Service Bar Restaurant.
Bar and restaurant available for our customers and not only Italian and international menu with the enrichment of local dishes.
The hotel offers special conditions to which groups according to the treatment and the time required.
You can leave your luggage until time of departure?
Yes! After the check-out you can leave your luggage in the plane of Reception. The service is free.
Taxes, services are included in the price or do I calculate an extra?
The hotel offers special conditions to which groups according to the treatment and the required period.


Telephone Recption: +39 040 639 482 +39 040 370 677

Location not miss recommended by our customers

. Piazza Unità d'Italy: the heart of Trieste arose from a Roman port and the Government Palace
. The Colle di San Giusto castle and its cathedral, monument and symbol of the entire city.
. Il Faro della Vittoria, without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the Adriatic.

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. The Theresian: neoclassical palaces, the Grand Canal, the Teatro Verdi, St. Nicholas, St. Spyridon, erected by the Serbian Orthodox community, Ponterosso Square and the Roman theater dating back to centuries. II D.C.

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. The Port and the waterfront: a walk from Molo Audace with the sun on the water, the neoclassical architecture and five museums to visit: Revoltella, Civic Museum of Natural History, Sartorio, the Maritime Museum and the Railway Museum.
. The Castle of Miramare, 8 Km from Trieste.

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. The Risiera, now a national monument, a former factory for the rice-husking known to have been extermination camp. . The Cave of Basovizza. On the border with Slovenia. . The Giant Cave . The Karst and Val Rosandra.

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